Fogbelt Brewing Co. was founded in 2013 in Santa Rosa, CA. and is named after the area along the Northern California coast where the coast redwood trees grow; from Big Sur to the Oregon border. Fog from the coast fosters a unique ecosystem known as the 'fog belt'.



Paul Hawley and Remy Martin both grew up in Sonoma County where the redwoods meet the vineyards. They have over thirty years of combined experience in the wine industry. The old saying, "it takes a lot of beer to make wine" rings especially true for these long-time friends who have been brewing together since 2004, when they worked the grape harvest in New Zealand. Remy went on to study brewing at UC Davis and has experience working at a number of local breweries. Paul has been working at his family's winery in Dry Creek Valley since 2005.



Paul and Remy built their original 7 barrel brewhouse from a few pieces of salvaged equipment and a lot of hard work. As the brewery has grown much of the glorified home-brewing equipment has been upgraded. A barrel aging and sour beer program has been established, calling on winemaking and cellar-work skills honed by years in the wine industry.






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